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YouTube logoIn a bold (and some say rash) experiment, the Full Circle Podcast is on YouTube.

We’ve created a YouTube channel for the Podcast with two episodes.

  • Podcast Episode #11 in individual segments as audio-with-banner,
  • Side-Pod #4 in two parts: Part one is the news/opinion section, part 2 is our first Screencast of sorts with some visuals on using Audacity to assemble the podcast.

The reasoning of this is to audition some screen-casting tools (Kazam) and try out PitiVi and Openshot video editors (reviews to follow in the podcast/blog and maybe the magazine). I have a feeling we may be heading back to Cinelarra.

We’d like to do more screen-cast reviews and how-to’s if the interest is there. RC

See: http://www.youtube.com/user/FullCirclePodcast#p/u

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About the Author: Robin Catling

Freelance project manager; performer; writer; sports coach; all-round eccentric.

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