We’ve got issue 40 (and a new logo) for you!

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already at issue 40!  We’ve got a lot of great stuff for you in this issue, including a spiffy new logo redesign by Thorsten Wilms.  You might also notice a slight font change-that’s the new (official) Ubuntu font.

This month:

  • Command and Conquer.
  • How-To : Program in Python – Part 14, Virtualize Part 3 – OpenSolaris, and ADSL Modem As A Switch.
  • Review – SOFA Statistics.
  • Top 5 – Favourite Apps.
  • plus: MOTU Interview, Ubuntu Games, My Opinion, My Story, and now with all new LoCo and Translation Team interviews!

Download issue 40 here.

P.S. In addition, we’re trial-ing an awesome new Full Circle Notifier app. Take a look!

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  • The issue might be on my side, but I can’t get the survey to load. Could you post the link on the website as well, and perhaps investigate whether the one in the mag is still working? :)


    • The FCM 2010 Survey can be found at:

      Thanks to all those who’ve already filled it in!

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