Full Circle Podcast #5: Manual Dexterity

Full Circle Podcast #5: Manual Dexterity

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Show notes after the jump.

Show Notes

01.15 | WELCOME and INTRO

02.36 | NEWS

UbuntuOne music store comes to banshee (http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/04/ubuntuone-music-store-comes-to-banshee.html)

5.36 | INTERVIEW: Simon Wears (aka ‘Munky-Junky’) on MadJam Manchester Bug-Jam
MadJam: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ManchesterJam10-04
Simon’s blog: http://www.munkyjunky.com/2010/03/manchester-lucid-jam/

12.52 | REVIEW: KDE SC 4.4
KDE SC Project home: http://www.kde.org/

18.07 TRAILER: OGG-Camp
OggCamp is a free software / free culture unconference organised by the presenters of the Ubuntu UK Podcast and Linux Outlaws. This year’s OggCamp will take place at The Black-E in Liverpool on the 1st and 2nd of May. The event will run approximately 10am – 5pm each day.
The Black-E Entrance to OggCamp10 is free and no tickets are required.

19.12 | INTERVIEW: Benjamin Humphrey, Ubuntu Manual Project
Site: http://ubuntu-manual.org
Launchpad Project home: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual
Benjamin’s blog: http://humphreybc.wordpress.com/

41.10 | Outro and next episode

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15 Comments + Add Comment

  • Hey guys!

    Thanks again for interviewing me and putting it on the show, really awesome. Appreciate it a lot!

    Just a couple of things – could you remove the link to our project wiki and replace it with our website link? (http://www.ubuntu-manual.org)

    Also, your link for the news about the OMG! Ubuntu! podcast launching is wrong :)

    Thanks a bunch!

  • OMG, i downloaded this podcast mainly to see KDE 4.4 review.

    It is a great thing to hear a review from someone who absolutely has no tolerance and or respect for thing he is reviewing.
    I am being sarcastic of course.

    But really, what did you hope to achieve with that review, to fill up podcast time ? Or make sure no one dares to try KDE based distro.

    When you talk about how much you don’t like KDE and all K.. things you sound alive, but when you do an actual review your tone remains a constant, like when reading something.

    Sorry for this much of negative comments, but I am pretty sure you asked for it. It does not matter if you like KDE or not, but if you are going to do an review (I repeat, an review), you could do it with less personally charged bashing.
    How would you feel if you heard someone representing to world something you love (like Ubuntu) in such bias and harsh way. Like Win7 user doing review on Ubuntu on a TV or something.
    I bet you would feel like I do now.

    If you already have predetermined view about hating (or extremely not liking) something why do a review about it (in public) ?
    To please GNOME fanboys ?
    To anger KDE fanboys ?
    Or maybe to generate buzz by starting flamewar, in order to increase popularity of this podcast?

    You have absolutely every right to not like KDE4 and you have every right to publicly spread you views, but it is not very professional to pack that behind a podcast title KDE4.4 review.
    Call it “Yet another bias KDE bashing session, KDE hater come and rejoice!”

  • There is something drastically wrong with Ed Hewitt’s audio on this podcast. Every time his audio comes on it’s as if his audio is out of phase. There is either a phasing problem between channels causing his audio to be difficult to hear or there is a low frequency hum causing his audio to be unlistenable.

  • I have enjoyed listening to this podcast. As a regular listener to the TWiT podcats, I got a real hoot out of the intro. Keep up the good work.

  • I have a great question: Where is the address of your podcasts, in order to add their spurce to my Rhythmbox and soi it can update and download automatically?

    JaD! – jado.92.mty@gmail.com

  • mirzad: I thought I made it clear that I quite liked KDE4.4! I overturned some of my previous prejudices, while I gave 4.0 the share of grief it previously earned. I’m not in the business of being anybody’s fanboy; you should know by now I go for the ego-driven over-inflated opinionated rant. I expect to give Gnome 2.3 a good bashing soon.
    So come on, give us the review you feel it deserves; sell us on KDE 4.4. We may find we’re actually in agreement! RC

  • I’m very sorry about the poor audio quality. It might have been down to me using WiFi. Episode 6 will not have that problem, I will be recording on my desktop with a wired connection and not my laptop.

  • I have a problem with downloading your pod-casts. The file sizes are not the same as yours I use DTA plug-in for Firefox and I took a screen shot and I would like to why their are a 7meg difference in mine and the sizes you post? and I am downloading ep5 both ogg (my fav) and Mp3 files..Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. And luv the pods keep up the good ubuntu work…

  • Good for you! Great post.

  • Love to hear your podcast…

    keep it up guys!

  • Nice podcast, but where is your podcast-feed. Want to put it in Rhythmbox.

  • Muy informativo. Saludos

  • Thanks for the article. Isn’t it amazing how much power they are packing into these little devices these days?

  • I just uncovered your webpage on Ask Jeeves, a truly very good study.

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