Issue 33 is out: creating a media center, education, and sync

A new month (well, in two days) and  a new magazine issue is out.
This month, we’ve got:
  • Command and Conquer.
  • How-To : Program in Python – Part 7, Create A Media Center with a Revo, Ubuntu and Boxee, and The Perfect Server – Part 3.
  • My Story – Ubuntu in Public Education, and Why I Use Linux.
  • Review – Exaile.
  • MOTU Interview – Didier Roche.
  • Top 5 – Synchronization Clients.
  • Ubuntu Women, Ubuntu Games and all the usual goodness!

Grab it through the Downloads link or here.

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  • Hey, this is my first comment on ur site. I’ve been reading it for a while in my RSS reader but haven’t commented before. :) Anyways, thanks for the post.

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