Issue 26 has arrived!

Along with a long-promised site redesign, this month, we’ve got some more FCM goodness in store for you readers.

This month:

  • Command and Conquer – MOC & IRSSI
  • How To: Ubuntu As A Guest, Apt-Cacher, and Inkscape – Part 3.
  • My Story – Why I Converted To Linux.
  • Review – WebHTTrack
  • MOTU Interview – Stefan Ebner.
  • Top 5 – Linux-powered Devices.
  • Ubuntu Women, Ubuntu Games, and all the usual goodness!

As usual, you can download it here!

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  • Just curious, but why aren’t all the file names to your PDF files the same? A few of them in the beginning are slightly different. After that, it tends to follow the “issueXX.pdf” format. Also, would be nice if you offered a “ZIP” format for all them bundled together.

    Anyhoo…great stuff! Love the content. Keep ’em coming. :)

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