Issue 10 Released!

Issue 10 - Cover English

Can you believe it? We’re already at our tenth issue! Thanks to all of our staff and contributors out there!
Issue #10

  • Linux Mint Install.
  • How-To : Compile from Source, Install and use TuxPaint, Rip a DVD with AcidRip and Create Your Own Server Part 2.
  • Review of the ASUS EEE PC running Xubuntu.
  • Letters, Q&A, My Desktop, Top 5 and more!

Get it while it’s hot!

Download it! (http://fullcirclemagazine.org/issue-10)

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  • I’m first w00t!
    lg: Congratulations! You win a free copy of Full Circle!

  • Thank you. Been waiting for issue 10, well done.
    Oh, by the way, Hardy Heron is shaping up quite nicely.

  • I’m second, and a real fan of FCM :)

  • Why can’t you just publish a direct download link to the pdf instead of the php download manager junk that requires me yo open the issue in a browser and then save it???????

  • Just downloaded it, can’t wait to read it

  • Nice to read. Thanks. I am using Xubuntu on laptop and Ubuntu x64 on PC. [Unfortunately Gutsy 32 does not boot on my hw – consequently Linux Mint neither :-( ]

  • Hi,
    How big is that? I try several times and I have downloaded 5.2 Meg and download finished but I can not open it at all. I think there is some problem with your downloader.
    Plz Help me! I’m really interest to read it :((

    Ed: Strange. Nobody else has had a problem – our downloader is just a PHP script that records the hit and redirects you to the content…

  • Sadeq : Had same bug. Simply reload the window (minimize, maximize), it worked for me.

  • By the way, who did the french translation ? So many mistakes it was hard to finish reading. Nice job, thought.

  • hi steph
    i am a member of the new french translation team
    we are quit a few of us and we will appreciate some proof reading
    so if you can spend some time with us it will be a pleasure

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