Technical Difficulties

Unfortunately we’ve had to postpone releasing Full Circle Podcast (FCP) #1.

Using Skype (rather than Gizmo) with conference call record software Matthew was joined by James Savage (aka: catfacts) for a recording session to create FCP#1. Unfortunately the audio didn’t turn out as well as we had expected and rather than release a substandard podcast we have decided to hold back until Matthew returns from holiday then release FCP#1 in mid-February.

Matt: James’ line had it’s fair share of static on it.

Matthew is also looking for a regular co-host. If you are free for an hour or so at roughly midnight UTC on Sundays drop Matthew an email at: podcast@fullcirclemagazine.org.

We do apologise about delaying the podcast, but we want to make sure you get the best possible sound and content.

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About the Author: Ronnie Tucker

I'm the founder, and editor, of Full Circle magazine. Also, a self taught artist, official Ubuntu member and I've been using Linux exclusively (in one form or another) for over five years now.

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  • Man… and I did all that hunting around. 😛

  • Each can record locally, simply synchronize the beginning in audacity

  • I was thinking just that. I’m not sure about other OSes, but I know for a fact Windows can let you use one recording device and record it in multiple apps. Thus, everyone can connect over Skype or whatever and just record their own microphone input (so as not to get possible overlap with someone’s bad line) and then everyone sends their compressed sources over to the editor who can pretty easily sync.

    But this doesn’t really comply very much with the “ease of use” requirement, requiring people to have the app and also some other app to record just their own microphone. A cheaper alternative (in ease of use, but also possible quality) would be to have everyone record their own conference, and then have someone sync them up. That way a second app is not required, but bad-line-quality-overlap may be heard. Also, I’m not sure if that could work for syncing, as everyone will get slightly different recordings, so my original plan sounds the best.

    But yes, not the easiest way to do it, and people on land lines and mobiles will not be able to record themselves.

  • Like the podcast, and awaiting the next one!!!!

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