Full Circle Podcast – Episode #0

Full Circle Podcast – Episode 0

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Your Hosts:

  • Matthew Rossi (
  • Brady Merriweather
  • Bryan Ford

Show Notes:



  • Cheap Laptops Bad for Vista, Good for Linux (source)
  • Can we not afford to give our kids Linux? (source)
  • Email from Greg (source)
  • Email from Aurelia from Linspire, regarding Click ‘n’ Run (source)

Creative Commons Music:

  • “When Waves try to Catch a Marvel” – Antony Raijekov
  • “Uneducated Guess” – 3rd Man

File Size: 20 MB

Run Time: 45 minutes

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  • You’ve got all these spaces,
    “Can we not afford to give our kids Linux?” Might be styles. May want to check it.

  • That song is a killer… :)

  • Yea for the podcasts! Alas, the pilot left me a little wanting. I found the sound quality lacking (my brother’s an old sound guy so his pickiness rubbed off on me), and it quickly got to the point that every time I heard that Chrismukkuh polka my fingers quickly lept to the MUTE button so I wouldn’t have to listen to it yet again (and again … and again … and …). The rehash of the news from the last issue felt like so much old news, and as the podcast progressed I found myself wanting for the next segment a little too often. And unfortunately as I listened to the host I found myself thinking of the BBC America promos for close captioning (“You’d understand what we’re saying if you hadn’t thrown our tea in to Boston Harbour, but if you need help turn on the Closed Captioning function”) and wishing I had something to help me understand what’s being said. Part of that may be sound quality issues, part of it may be the way my speakers are set up, part of it may be the little tea party my ancestors held way back when, but I found myself having problems understanding what Matthew was saying. (Sorry, Matthew!)

    The segment I enjoyed most was the story on CNR, although I wished they had addressed the admin permissions issue in CNR that several of us have noticed.

    Granted, it’s just the pilot, and I look forward to seeing how things go as they work out the format, micing (hopefully next time I’ll hear the second guest more easily), and what they want to cover in the podcasts.

  • Even I wasn’t impressed with the sound quality. That’s Gizmo for you. The only reason that I use Gizmo is because it comes with a recording tool in-built, whereas Skype doesn’t. It is much harder to record skype conversations on linux, than on say a mac or windows. At the moment we will have to live with it, but hopefully it can be rectified by at least the release of episode 2 (please check the calendar for predicted release dates). I listened over the show, and I thought that it sounded fine keeping in mind the quality of the audio.

    Regarding the christmas cheese polka, I did trial it in Penguin Central #10 (, and I didn’t have to play it once, but don’t blame me, blame Brady! I think the song is funny, but Ron hates it. If you have any torture song suggestions, then please email me as the Christmas song will be out of season soon :(

    Thank you for your comments

  • I really don’t want to listen to that anymore; it hurts my ears.

  • The sound quality is kinda low. :(

  • Hello:

    Unfortunately you lost me. I shut it down less than 1/3 the way in. Give the information, and use levity to break things up, this isn’t stand up comedy, unless it’s funny. Looking forward to the next .pdf

    Go to the pod cast at and hear a very slick presentation.

    I don’t like raining on the parade. Good luck in the future looking forward to your next effort.

    lg: Thanks for your feedback. Although it might seem you’re raining on the parade, you’re really not. We need all the feedback we can get. This is our first try – hopefully, we’ll improve in the future. (Remember Issue #0? Compared to today’s mag, it’s quite crude.)

    penguincentral: Robert, if you don’t like raining on the parade, then why do so? I try to make my shows entertaining, but I am no comedian like everyone else.

  • bad quality :(

  • The sound is very bad. Please speack the words fully and clearly.

  • Agree with all. It was difficult to listen. Difficult to pick out the phrases. Sound Quality was part but inexperience with the accents was the main problem. Thanks for the effort and here is hoping for a more clear follow up.

    penguincentral: I get the idea about the atrocious audio. There isn’t much that I can do about the accents. It’s one of the difficulties of recording podcasts with people around the world.

    Gizmo Project is the name of the voip software that we used to record episode 0. If you listen to Episode 10 of The Penguin Central Podcast, you see that the audio quality is about the same as Episode 0. If you listen to Episode 9 of Penguin Central, it was directly recorded into Audacity, and therefore the audio quality was much better. Ecamm has generously donated a copy of their Call Recorder software for mac (don’t whine about it) which will allow me to record the podcasts using skype. They have a sample which demonstrates the quality of the call. Remember that it is only the pilot, and we still have a few issues to work around. We are trying very hard to get this right, and I hope future episode’s don’t have these problems.

  • Poor podcast. Joke were poor, sound was poor. I could not make it past 15 min. Will be waiting for the next magazine not the next podcast.

  • One thing you can try is, keep talking in Skype/Gizmo/whatever but each person also keep recording the voice in parallel using a voice recording program(say Audacity). Sync and merge and edit later, again in Audacity.

    penguincentral: It is theoretically possible, but would be rather difficult. We record on Sunday and release on Friday; I spent the whole week editing about 1 hour of audio down to 45 mins. Also, actually getting the audio in sync is another challenge in itself… Nice idea though.

  • Great effort on #0! Keep up the good work and I am sure you will have it in tip top shape in no time. I urge anyone to post feedback on how to improve the show if you are disappointed in it.

    I live in the states my self and I realize that the world does not revolve around us and there are many others that also use Ubuntu. Appreciate the accent, don’t knock it. Take Mark Shuttleworth for example.

  • GOOD JOB, despite the poor sound quality. Try to improve it so that we can enjoy the podcast much better.

  • What killed it gor me was the quality and the overuse of the Christmas song and badgering the guy on his pronunciation of Ubuntu, it is the same argument as Linux (Linucks, or Linoox), Kludge (Klu-dg or Clooge), it doesn’t matter as long as everyone gets what the person is trying to say, so be it. See a funny take on this at
    Not to completely badger, I liked the concept, the presenters sound good, maybe just tried a little hard being the first show an all, keep up the good work.

  • The sound quality was awful with sudden shouts rith in the microphone. Kinda disappointed me from listening to the end.
    the speakers voice was not clear and may be not good for a podcast.
    I’m sure with the range of subjects and topics available for Fullcircle this podcast can rock! if you correct this audio/technical problems.

  • I think another good policy may be to make sure all participants are using headphones, and not speakers. There’s alot of echoing going on (which I think can be blamed on that). The other thing is that I think it’s a case of the levels being wrong, rather than too much of the fault being with Gizmo. Hopefully things will improve. One of the three sounded really good and clear.

  • Okay that little song was sooooo annoying… Seriously, though… if you guys are going to be funny, then be funny, but if you are going to be serious then be serious. Nothing wrong with writing scripts either, guys. There just seem to be too many different people, I would like to hear some names of who we’re talking to. I sometimes like the format that NPR uses, with one host talking to an expert or just some person who knows what’s going on. You could alternate hosts between stories, not get the same person/people always talking. Also, you should put more space between recording and publishing so that you have plenty of time to edit. Great job though, good luck!

  • Thanks for the invite. I’ve ringed my tongue, & pronounce it right. Sorry for the mispronunciations of Ubuntu. After my bleeding ears, I am now cured! I may join in again to share my progress. ; )

  • Sorry, I have to agree with Nanci. Very difficult to understand what is being said.

  • I must admit, the sound quality is poor and honestly, it doesn’t portray the high quality of Full Circle Magazine. Howz that for constructive criticism? I won’t get in to the tech side, but the pacing and the audio sound amateurish, regardless of the level of qualtiy of thought!

  • Just one problem.
    I hope the podcast could be more clear and, what’s more, just cut off the ‘sisi’ sound okay?
    That’s hard to listen, especially for ESL people.
    Just like me.

  • gOS – Good for older people or younger. I LOVE LOVE LOVE google apps and I would have to say they are amazing. There are SO many different things you can do with those. A os setup with google apps links. — I have more to say just don’t feel like it at the moment.

  • If CNR only till now has only managed to support debian siblings and not debian itself, it’s just another useless piece of code that works for a few and and quite mysterious at that. Isn’t freespire/linspire based on Debian?

  • I’m going to have to download this and try again to get through it.

    Agree with most of the comments already;
    Sound quality, seriously; also check levels and equalise between panelists, had to keep adjusting volume. Definitely headphones not speakers, please guys, the echo is not cool.

    Not throwing stones, but radio needs, so practice, practice, practice. Do plenty of 5 minute dry-runs before the episode 1. It’ll be fine.
    : ) RC


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