Issue 7 Released!

 Issue 7 - English

It’s that time again – another new issue!

Issue #7 has :
* Step-by-Step Ubuntu Studio install
* How-To : Simple SSH Install, A Terminal on your Desktop, Easily Convert from Windows and Learning Scribus pt.7.
* Review : Wubi Installer
* Top 5 – Audio/Video Apps.
* Interview with the Howard County Library.
* News, Letters, Q&A, MyDesktop and more!

Get it while it’s hot!

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  • Was just going through my bookmarks and decided to stop by and see if there was any new editions :) Looks like I hit it at a good time 😀 Am downloading now and going to read it.

  • Dear Friends, I use Adobe Reader 8 on my Ubuntu and I would appreciate if you do not hide the navigation toolbars. It will be very useful for me. Bye! 😉

  • Thank you for the new issue! going to read it right away.

  • Good, Thanks

  • I’m having the same problem as aldo, no navigation toolbars so I can save this issue to my hard drive.

    Love the magazine, really helps when I need information to continue my learning about Ubuntu

  • Thanks! FullCircleMagazine is very great!!!

  • For problems with Adobe Reader 8:
    Download using the normal save feature in your browser (File->save)
    Press F9 To view the menu bar
    Press Ctrl+H to view toolbar
    Hope this helps!

  • Cannot download!

    lg: What is the problem on your end? I can download Issue 7.

  • @ sbr
    Great tip! Great help for me! :o)

  • In ANY screen you can CTRL S and you should be able to print most anything on your screen.

  • Cannot seem to download issue 6 or seven…. have tried many, many times!

    Please help, Thanks,


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