Issue 5 is out!


Full Circle – the Ubuntu Community Magazine is proud to announce our fifth issue.

* Fluxbuntu – Step-by-step Install
* How-To : Report Bugs with LaunchPad, CoLoCo Edubuntu Presentation, >From VMware to VirtualBox and Learning Scribus Pt.5.
* Review of Bridge Construction Kit.
* Preview of Gusty Gibbon
* Letters, Q&A, My Desktop, My PC, Top 5, the new My Opinion column, and more!

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  • You still don’t have the category for just issues.. :-(

  • I was a bit confused… I don’t see the Podcast proposal, at first I though it was but turns out that was the link to issue 5, which I couldn’t find…

  • The podcast proposal is the previous post

  • The Glest screenshot under “Top 5 strategy games” article is in fact screenshot of another game – The Battle for Wesnoth… Please fix :)

  • You have small mistake. In games section you don’t have screenshot for BOS (instead it is screenshot from gleist). Over gleist description you have placed screenshot from battle of wesnoth.

    Other things – as usually v.good. Especially install “story” for fluxubuntu. Maybe you will open section for alternative window managers?

  • Thanks and well done to all for another great issue.

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