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We now have a new feature that allows you to view the magazine right in your browser (using Flash).  It’s only being used on Issue 3 currently (click the “View Issue Online” link on the download page).

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  • Hi, i tried it, but the quality of fonts isn’t good…
    is normal? in Evince (with downloaded .pdf) the view is too better.
    good idea anyway :)
    sorry for my bad english…

  • GJ!
    Can i embed this flash in my blog?

    Ronnie: the Flash thing is just a quick preview so it’d be best to link to the Downloads page to let people download the PDF, incase they think the preview is the best we have… :/

  • Hey thanks so much for this. I read FullCircle at work and at home, so now I don’t have to download it twice.

  • It will be great if someone can translate these to chinese!

  • I think it’ll be better in HTML format. This way, the reader shouldn´t have problems with the fonts (it’s easy to change the presentation using the navigator controls). Besides, in this format there is no need of use flash in order to read the magazine on-line.

    Aniway, thanks for the magazine.

    Ronnie: again, i stress: the flash reader on the site is for PREVIEWingPREVIEWING… the high quality PDF will always be there for you to download and read offline. The PDF is our main priority…

  • I quote entirely the last Ronnie’s answer.
    The flash application is used ONLY for preview the edition. In this manner the internet action is very quickly .
    If the user want see the edition in high resolution or print it in good quality, simply download it locally.
    Excure me for my poor english, but it is my opinion on this new feature .
    Very good work Ronnie, I am happy for our work!
    All the best at all.
    Paolo (Italian FCM Editor)

  • Nice but Flash do not work on 64bit Feisty, or wil there be a sustitute for this?

  • The use of the Flash utility is an excellent one to allow readers to browse/preview the issues & thereby decide what they’ll wish to download, perhaps printout or archive to CD for their later use & reading. Great work!

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