Issue 2 deadline – June 17

There will be a monthly – all welcome – meeting on Saturday 16th June @ 1700UTC in the #fullcirclemagazine IRC channel. If your not too savvy with an IRC client, click the WebIRC tab at the top of this page to have our IRC channel in your web browser.

Also; the deadline for issue #2 will be Sunday 17th June.

Issue #1 will now (hopefully) be released around Friday 8th June. Sorry for the delay in releasing issue #1, this is due to proof-reading a 40+ page issue taking a bit longer than expected.

About the Author: Ronnie Tucker

I'm the founder, and editor, of Full Circle magazine. Also, a self taught artist, official Ubuntu member and I've been using Linux exclusively (in one form or another) for over five years now.

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  • I can’t wait. I have been looking forward to Issue #1 sense hearing about it.

  • […] de publicar el número 1, el 2 està a punt de caure, i el 0 ja té un parell de dies, cosa que ha servit per a donar temps a la […]

  • Great Issue no. 1. A little problem is of fonts. Their presentation was not very well. A good font rendering will help much to make it interactive.

  • The font is a main problem, so it is not prepared por other languages. It would be very good if you change it or adapt it.

  • Man, the first issue was awesome. Can’t wait for the second. Can we get a sneak preview on what’s coming? Or maybe the issue itself?

  • These two issues were nice but where is issue 2?

  • Issue #2 will be released no later than Friday 29th June… :)

  • Great first couple of issues (0, 1)! Looking forward to the next one, and the Scribus tutorial follow-up. Thank you all very much for a long overdue dedicated magazine!

  • I’m a Chinese.I suggest that the last issue can support to catch word by
    StarDict . As my English is not very good ,I have to read the article
    with the help by StarDict which is a very good dictionary.

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